Friday, April 2, 2010

United Group Rail (ex Goninan) Branchline Broadmeadow NSW (update 12/2/12)
This Branch leaves the main lines just on the northern side of Clyde St level crossing at Islington Junction and is approx 1.5km long. It serves as the rail connection to United Group Rail's Broadmeadow plant.
Over the years there have been a number of locomotives traverse this branch and here I'll attempt to list some of these movements plus list as many locos that I know of that have worked on this branch over the years.
United Group Rail and prior to that Goninan have manufactured a number of locomotives and most of these have left the plant via the rail connection.
These manufactured units are
NSW Government Railways 43 Class 4301-4306
NSW Government Railways 47 Class 4701-4720
Hammersley Iron 50 Class C36-7's 5057-5059 (these were trucked to the port for shipment)
Australian National EL Class EL51-EL64
National Rail NR Class NR1-NR60 (NR61-120 were constructed by Goninan Bassendean WA)
CFCLA JL Class JL403, 404 & 406 (Renumbered from former NSWGR 442 Class)
CFCLA GL Class GL101-112 (Rebuilt from former NSWGR 442 Class)
QRNational 5000 Class 5001-5012
Pacific National 92 Class 9201-9215
ARG a QR Company AC Class AC4301-4308
QRNational 6000 Class 6001-6012
Xstrata Rail XRN Class XRN001-030 (In 3 separate orders of 10 units)
QRNational 5020 Class 5027, 5032, 5036 (the other 16 units of this class were built at UGL Chullora plant)
CFCLA CF Class CF4401, CF4402, CF4405, CF4406-CF4412 (CF4403&4404 built at UGL Chullora)
Centennial Coal CEY Class CEY001-007
Genesee & Wyoming Australia GWU Class GWU001-009

Other items of Rail related rollingstock (inc EMU's, DMU's, Freight Rollingstock) has been manufactured at this plant also
Freight Stock
NSWGR BCH (NHDA) 50t Coal Hoppers (400)
NSWGR CTS (NHGF) 100t Coal Hoppers (200)
NSWGR NRY (NRTY) Refrigerator Vans (30)
NSWGR OCY (NQOY) 60' Container Wagons (200)
Freight Corp NHPH 120t 8pack Coal Hoppers (600)
Freight Corp NHQH 120t 4pack Coal Hoppers (200)
National Rail RHEH 100t 3pack Limestone Hoppers (30)
National Rail RHFH 120t 2pack Coal Hoppers (32)
QRNational QHAH 120t 4pack Coal Hoppers
Westrail ADL/ADC 2car suburban sets ADL801-810, ADC851-860
V/Line Sprinter Railcars 7001-7022
City Rail Hunter Sets HM2701-2707, HMT2751-2757
SRA Suburban S/R Set carriages
SRA Suburban K Sets
SRA Suburban C Sets
SRA Tangara Suburban T Sets & Outer Suburban G Sets
CityRail OSCar 4 car Sets of OuterSuburban EMU's desiganted the H Sets (H1-H55)
MET 4car expiremental 4D set

Other locomotives & railcars that have traversed this branch for maitenance or repairs.
List is set out as number of unit, the livery the unit carried & if known the reason the unit was at the UGR/Goninan Site shown in brakets ( )
CF Class (CF4403&CF4404 built at UGL Chullora Plant, transferred to Broadmeadow plant for final adjustments and trials)
5020 Class (5021-5039 with most being built UGRFS Chullora then transferred to Broadmeadow for final adjustments & for trials)
621/721 Cityrail Grey (Insurance related overhaul and accident repairs)
44201 Candy (GL Rebuild) #GL105
44212 Candy (GL Rebuild) #GL112
8050 Indian Red/Freight Rail Blue (Repaint) this was the 1st 80 class painted in the F/R Blue livery
8167 Freight Rail Blue (insurance related Overhaul)
8501 Indian Red/Freight Rail Blue (Repaint)
8503 Indian Red/Freight Rail Blue (Repaint)
8623 & 8637 Candy/Freight Rail Blue (Repaint) majority of 86 Class were repainted by Goninan at Landsdown near Taree.
AN3 AN Green/Ghan Red (Repaint)
JL403 ex Candy (ex 44208) CFCLA overhaul & renumber
JL404 ex Freight Rail Blue (ex 44209) CFCLA overhaul and renumber
JL406 ex NSWGR Reverse/CFCLA Blue/Silver Trial (ex 44232) CFCLA overhaul and renumber, also back for GL Rebuild #GL111
NR61 NR Standard (during trial phase)
NR74 NR Standard/Ghan Red (accident damage repairs & Repaint)
NR75 NR Standard/Ghan Red (accident damage repairs & repaint)
NR103 NR Standard/PN Trial Blue (accident damage & Repaint)

Other locomotives that have traversed the branch on transfer work.
848 ex AN Green (Oscar Transfer)
869 Cootes Green (Oscar Transfer)
1873 Austrac (442 class transfer for JL Conversions)
2208 ARG (AC Class Trials)
2815 QRNatioanl (activation on Standard gauge)
2819 QRNational (5000 class)
42103 SCE Green (GL Transfers)
42107 Interail (QHAH transfers)
42109 Interail (5000 class transfers)
42202 Interail (Hunter Set1)
42206 Interail (5000 Class transfers)
42209 ASR ex Freight Rail Blue (EL58)
42301 Interail (Hunter Set1, 5000 class trials & Maintenance work)
42302 Interail (5000 class transfers)
42304 Interail (QHAH)
42306 QRNational (QHAH)
4401 Indian red (Oscar transfers)
4403 Indian red (ARHS/CFCLA Charter)
4468 Indian red (XPT Trailers)
4471 Red Terror (Vset Carriage)
4473 Indian Red (Oscar Transfers)
4486 Indian Red (Oscar Transfers)
44237 Candy (EL57)
442s3 Silverton Mk1 (Oscar Transfer)
4501 Grey/Indian red (Oscar Transfers)
4716 LVR Indian red (JL406 trials)
4717 R&H red (JL406 trials)
4814 Austrac (442 transfer for JL Conversions)
4833 Indian red (Oscar Transfers)
4865 Freight Rail Blue (various CityRail transfers)
4866 Indian red (Tangara, 85 Class)
4871 Indian Red (XPT Trailer)
4875 Candy (XPT Trailers)
4876 Freight Rail Blue (NR Class)
4877 Freight Rail Blue (S set)
4881 Freight Rail Blue (NHPH)
4882 Red Terror (Sprinter 7001, NHPH)
48105 Freight rail Blue (XPT Trailers)
48108 Candy (Sprinter)
48114 Freight Rail Blue (Tangara, 86 class)
48137 Freight Rail Blue (NHPH, 9201)
48144 Candy (K set, Tangara)
48146 Candy (Tangara)
48148 Candy (4D, RRZY)
48158 Freight rail Blue (NHPH)
48163 Freight Rail Blue (K Set)
(Most 48's have tranversed the branch for a variety of reasons the above list is just what I have seen photographic evidence of or seen personally)
4908 01ltd Tuscan (Oscar Transfers)
4918 Black / Indian red (Oscar Transfers)
7327 Candy (Tangara)
7334 Indian red (K Set, Tangara)
8106 Freight Rail Blue
8107 Freight Rail blue (New Prospector & Avonlink transfer)
8112 Freight rail Blue (NR85 accident repairs + RHEH transfer)
8115 National Rail Blue (AN03)
8120 Freight rail Blue (Badken Transfer)
8121 Freight Rail blue (NR85 accident repairs)
8131 Freight rail blue (XP2016)
8134 Freight rail Blue
8138 Freight rail Blue (9201)
8224 Freight rail Blue (9211)
8225 Freight rail Blue (9201)
8241 Freight rail Blue (9209)
DL40 ex AN Green (Bradken Shunt)
FL220 Indian red (442 transfers for GL rebuild)
G513 SCT (6000 class trials)
G513 SSR (5020 Class transfers)
G517 V/Line (NR transfers)
G542 FA Green (EL55)
GM10 SSR Yellow (GL transfer)
JL402 FA Green (JL404 trials)
JL403 CFCLA Standard (442 transfers for GL rebuild)
KL80 CFCLA Standard (GL Transfer)
KL81 CFCLA Standard (442 transfers for GL Rebuild)
L271 Interail (GL Transfer)

Also the top end of the branch serves as one point of the Woodville-Hamilton-Islington Triangle and many more units have used this 1st part of the banch to turn via the triangle.
Some these are
3526 Black
3642 Green
3801 Green, Grey, Black
3830 Green
5910 Black
603 ex AN Green
CLF2 ARG Orange/Black
L265 Interail
S300 CFCLA Standard

Thanks must also go to John Hourigan & Stephen Carr for help with this list